Why people need the boats?

There is very long history of boats and different uses of boats. People make the boat according to their requirement. Usually people use these boats in profound water. Some of the boats are very big source of travelling and some are the source of trading. People also use the boats for the entertainment purpose. There are different sector of any country use the boats according to their needs

Why people need fiberglass boats?

Fiberglass boat is new innovation in boats. Now in current situation people prefer the fiberglass boat because wooden boats life is less than fiberglass boat. And fiberglass boat has less weight as compare to wooden boat. And there is lots of things which can prove that fiberglass boat is better than wooden boat. Fiberglass boats use for hunting these boats are used for hunting in small pounds, rivers which boats are called hunting boats. Fiberglass boats also use for the entertainment which boats are paddle boats, or picnic boat fiberglass boats also use in rescue sector which boats are rescue boat and there is some small boats for kids which is small boats .

Fiberglass manufacturer in Lahore

Industrial techno international is an Engineering company established since 1998. Their services and products can be broadly categorized into “Fiberglass Fabrication” and “Steel Fabrication”. The company is based in Lahore, but they have the capacity to complete very big projects all over Pakistan.

They have large working area available, sufficient labor resources, and readily available contractual labor option, which enables them to complete big assignments in the short span of time Industrial techno international one of good manufacturer in Pakistan and also very famous in Lahore the company manufacture the different type of boats which have different sizes that can meet the customer requirement there are some of standard sizes 10 feet boat this boat have some specification which is contain one set of oars and have the capacity of 3 to 4 people , 13 feet boat mostly this boat use for the hunting purpose there is some specification of this boat one set of oars and 4 to 5 persons siting capacity in this boat.

There is engine fit in the boat for handle the boat .different types of boat need different type of engine according to boat capacity , 21 feet boat this type of boat use for boating and also use for traveling because boats are also source of traveling for example cross the river from one side to other side the capacity of 21 feet boat is 8 to 9 person and also fit a engine in the boat according to boat requirement industrial techno international use the finest material for manufacture the boat and also fulfill all the standard of boat manufacturing industrial techno international have many variety of boats and also make the boats according to customer requirement industrial techno international also manufacture the boats which are running in the rivers that boats are river boats.