Fiberglass Portable Washroom

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Fiberglass washrooms one of the most usable item now a days and industrial techno international provide best quality washrooms these washrooms have multi benefits and multi uses the company should make changes according to market requirement.

Industrial Techno International is very well quality and innovative manufacturer of fiberglass portable washrooms in all over the Pakistan.

Now the portable toilets demand increase due to fulfill competitive and luxury needs at the outdoor functions.

The portable toilet and restroom industry has grown worldwide due to the important economic benefits it provides to the construction and outdoor event industries. By providing convenient, on-site portable toilets and restrooms at construction sites and outdoor events, construction companies see an increase in worker productivity and event organizers gain increased sales due to the added time guests spend at their event.
The benefits of providing portable restroom services extend into other important areas as well, such as protecting public health and the environment.


  • These toilets are portable one place to other place
  • These are very beneficial low cost and long life
  • Multi designs
  • Air ventilation
  • Water tank
  • Water sanitation
  • Very durable
  • Garbage tank
  • Light weight
  • Rust proof
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