coloris – color dispersions for unsaturated polyester resin

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Product Description‘ coloris – color dispersions for unsaturated polyester resin’ are dispersion of inorganic/organic pigments in a highly compatible carrier resin. The carrier resin in the pigment paste combines chemically with molding grades of commercial Polyester resins during curing. They are used for coloring fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP).Pigment Properties Coloris, color dispersion have been engineered to provide excellent dispersion in commercial grade resins, color uniformity and freedom from streaking on molded surfaces. The pigments exhibit the following properties.- Light Fastness: Coloris pigments shows excellent light fastness and will resist fading or discolor on exposure to sunlight.- Heat Resistance: While curing FRP moldings, Colors pigments have the ability to resist heat in order to maintain the original color of the product. It also reduces the risk of discoloration of the final product. Outdoor Durability: The durability of Colors pigments depend on environmental conditions such as heat, light, moisture and industrial pollutants present in the atmosphere. Generally the darker shades have better durability when exposed to outdoor conditions.- UV Resistance: Ultra violet radiation, from sunlight, accelerates the chemical and physical degradation of FRP moldings exposed to outdoor conditions. Colors pigments absorb and convert radiation into heat which is dissipated to the surrounding medium readily. Resins having higher pigment loading will, therefore, afford longer protection coloris – color dispersion for unsaturated polyester resin

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Coloris – Color Dispersions for Unsaturated Polyester Resin & Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Moldings