fiberglass colorful domes for sky light

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Fiberglass reinforced domes

Fiberglass is the term used to describe FRP (fiberglass reinforced polymer). FRP (fiberglass) are generally produced as a thin rigid laminate shell. Fiberglass (FRP) domes are formed by spraying a polyester resin gel coat into a mold. When the gel coat is tack-free, layers of chopped glass fiber or glass fabric and resin are added. Reinforcing ribs, rods and struts can be added if necessary. The fiberglass gel coat can be pigmented or painted. Fiberglass domes are frequently used as where a lightweight, strong and long lasting dome is needed. Fiberglass has excellent versatility, and fiberglass domes can replicate stone, wood, metal and terra cotta. Fiberglass domes can be cast in bright colors or even gold leafed. Its ability to be cast into ornate or complex shapes makes it possible to produce ornate dome drums and dome drum elements including columns, column capitals, balustrades, dome cornices or parapets. Fiberglass domes are lightweight and fiberglass domes have a high ratio of strength to weight. Being produced from resins and fiberglass cloth is what gives FRP domes the ability to be molded into almost any shape, including complex dome shapes. Fiberglass domes are able to be integrally colored, painted or gold leafed. On the jobsite, fiberglass domes are easy and quick to install.
Fiberglass Domes provide quick on-site construction and assembly
Fiberglass domes are low cost
Fiberglass domes are rot resistant
Fiberglass Domes do not rust
Fiberglass domes are highly corrosion resistant
Fiberglass domes are weather resistant
Fiberglass domes do not harbor termites
Fiberglass (FRP) domes are easily repaired if ever damaged
Strength & durability of fiberglass domes is exceptional
Flame, flood & earthquake resistant
Hurricane resistant

Light Weight
Less weight to erect, less weight to support
Custom Ability
Any size, any shape, any color any texture
Resists acid rain, salt water, UV rays, hail, high winds and vandalism

Fiberglass Sky light Color Full Dome
Fiberglass Sky light Color Full Dome
Fiberglass sky light dome color full
Fiberglass sky light dome color full
Fiberglass colorful domes for sky light
Fiberglass colorful domes for sky light