Ice Cream Cart

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Industrial  techno international Lahore are the manufacturer of “Delivery boxes “. Which are
made up of fiberglass-reinforced plastics material, it is widely used in food transportation, such
as pizza, ice cream, cake, vegetables and for the restaurant etc. These boxes also can be used
by courier, laundry service, Distributors for the supply of items. Compare with other material
the fiberglass-reinforced plastic outstanding feature is nice outline, light material, high
intensity, erosion resistance, striking resistance, good tenacity.

Product Description
FRP food delivery box
 Skillful manufacturing
 Modern design
 Corrosion resistance
 Light weight
 High intensity
 Aging resistance
 Excellent dimension stability
 Long service life
 Smooth surface
 Good flexibility
 Manufactured using synthetic resin and reinforced with glass fiber.
Advantages of using Fiberglass Delivery Boxes:
 Boxes are designed to accept large packages and keep them safe until you get home.
 Lightweight, fiberglass/resin construction makes this durable and weatherproof.
 Easy to use, leave the door closed, but unlocked and any delivery person can place a
package into it and lock it
 Can be mounted on the wall or ground.
 Fiberglass Insulated Delivery Boxes Excellent shining Finish
 insulation with PU foam, polystyrene or Jumbo sheet
 Branding with vinyl stickers,
Why fiberglass” insulated” Delivery boxes are important?
One of its key advantages is value. Fiberglass insulation has a lower installed price than many
other types of insulating materials and, for equivalent R-Value performance (i.e., thermal
resistance), it is generally the most cost-effective option when compared to cellulose or
sprayed foam insulation systems.

Ice Cream Cart

Size outer H 600 x L 670 x W 640 mm

Size inner H 500 x L 570 x W 540

Top Lid size 8” x 10”

Insulation thickness 50 mm PU foam

Ice pads 10~12

Front one wheel

Rear two wheels

Fiberglass roof double glazed

Steel frame for fitting roof painted

Steel frame for pushing and pulling cart painted

Steel frame inside of box for reinforcement.

Insulated box

Insulated box

Ice Cream cart
Ice Cream cart
Ice Cream cart
Ice Cream cart
Ice Cream cart
Ice Cream cart