Lube rack

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fiberglass lube rack for the GO filling station for Elite Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Lube rack 36’’x 17’’x 58’’


  • Material: GRP (glass reinforced plastic)
  • Thickness 2.5~3 mm
  • We will use original gel coat
  • We will use unsaturated general purpose unsaturated polyester resin.
  • Fiberglass chopped strand mat and woven rowing to achieve required thickness.
  • Top at  inside side
  • Branding
  • Sliding windows plastic glass 4 mm
  • Dustbin hinges SS and catcher for door
  • Dustbin 02 swing doors
  • Color as per samples
  • MDF planks embedded in fiberglass for lube racks area

Poly urethane paint after fabrication and one coat of lacquer after branding

fiberglass lube rack

Lube rack
Lube rack