Matpol Mp55-014GP (General Purpose Resin)

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Mp55-014Gp is an Unsaturated Polyester Resin Based on Styrene which processed in different standard glycols. It is of Medium reactivity and made from recycle Plastic (PET BOTTLE). This resin has a very good wetting properties and recommended for all kinds of glass reinforced products like Corrugated sheets, Boats, Tanks, Filament winding, Pultrusion and sanitary ware etc.

Resin must be kept in tightly closed containers and stored in dark place at 25c. High temperature shortens the shelf life. Drums should be away from all sources of flame or combustion. Above information are based on our current knowledge and experience. In view of many factors the processing and applications may be affected.

Matpol Mp55-014GP (General Purpose Resin)
Matpol Mp55-014GP (General Purpose Resin)


Today I would like to bring into kind notice that anyone asked before to the resin manufacturer or supplier that need resin for such and such applications. Here everyone is in the race of price only thing is important that it should be gelled and cured. They have no concerned what is manufacturing where it should be kept what will be the effect of day light temperature and so on.
25 years back manufacturer and suppliers was used to ask and know the importance of such particular resins but now a day’s price become their priorities. Many of them have very good business of fiberglass but unfortunately due to lack of product knowledge they face problems before and after manufacturing.
Request to all of my colleagues really I love all of them to …

Pls correct
These are the basic information for all the manufacturer and request to use these terminology before purchasing definitely you will improve your quality and choose better and appropriate resin.
Thank you and best regards
Faiz Malik