What is 5 S system

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“We have to introduce 5S system in working areas.”

5S refers to five Japanese words and each word starts from ‘S’. These five words are SeiriSeitonSeisoSeiketsu, and Shitsuke. In English, these five words are translatedas Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. It is a system of visual management and its framework is not just about cleanliness or organization, it is also about maximizing efficiency and profit.

Japanese Word English Word Description
Seiri Sort Eliminate unnecessary items from workplace
Seiton Set in Order Arrange items so that they are easy to use, find and put away
Seiso Shine Keep the items and work area neat and clean
Seiketsu Standardize Create a consistent approach to tasks and procedure
Shitsuke Sustain Maintain the standard and correct procedures. Moreover, sustain new practices and keep practising the previous four S.