Fiberglass Insulated Delivery Box

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We have facility to design, develop and fabricate delivery box. We can fabricate fiberglass insulated delivery box according to client requirement. First of all we make wooden pattern and finish pattern up to required standard. We make fiberglass mold that wooden pattern. After making mold we use that mold to fabricate insulated delivery box using contact molding process.

We prepare mold and finish and polish the surface of mold to get high glossy finish.

For molding we apply mold release wax and polish mold and then apply PVA.

We use gel coat of required color and multiple layers of fiberglass chopped strand mat, woven rowing and unsaturated polyester resin.

To achieve high  glossy finish we can paint outer surface to  using PU paint(2K)

For insulation we use PU foam.

For insulated box we make box, outer and inner box and fill PU foam in between.

Insulated delivery box can be used for hot and cold food and other items.

If used for frozen items, use ice pads to support cooling process for long time.

It is widely used for following purpose Milk delivery, food delivery, hot and cold items delivery, fast food delivery, grocery delivery, tool box for service provider, sample collection,bakery delivery, meat delivery, ice cream delivery, home service provider, books delivery, cash on delivery, security companies, we can manufacture special purpose according to client requirement. also.