Installation of fiberglass domes

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Installation of fiberglass domes at Masjid Mihajul al Quaran Model Town

Dome diameter . 7′-6”, height 3′-6” QTY 08

Dome diameter . 13′-9”, height 6′ QTY 04

Dome diameter . 15′-9”, height 7′ QTY 01

Designed and developed by Industrial Techno International steel structure fabricated from angle 3”x 3”x 1/4”, rectangular pipe 3/4”x 1-1/2”, 16 swg, rectangular pipe 1/2”x 1-1/2”x 16 swg. and sq. pipe 1”x 1”x 16 swg.

Paint red oxide two coats, PU foam insulation inside for heat proofing.

We have used unsaturated polyester resin MP55-1. fiberglass chopped strand mat, fiberglass woven rowing pigment by waddan ink.

Installation of fiberglass DomeInstallation of fiberglass Dome